Where to Find Designer Umbrellas in London

There’s no better way to enjoy a dreary London afternoon than walking about the city with an attractive umbrella. Since it rains so often in London, it’s a good idea to stash away a couple of umbrellas in the car, office, and on your travels. If you’re just visiting, picking up a designer umbrella is a great way to enjoy the (rainy) memories and add another accessory to your classy wardrobe. Head out for a shopping excursion with only one goal in mind; finding the perfect umbrella! Here’s where to find some of the best designer umbrellas in London:

The first place to stop is James Smith amp; Sons. This fashionable boutique shop carries a wide range of umbrellas, walking sticks, and folding canes for ladies and gents. Located in London’s West End, it’s a must-stop on your shopping ventures. The store has been operating in London for over 175 years, and it’s one of the few places that you can find the London classic made from master craftsmen. The selection of English ‘Fox Frame’ umbrellas offers both long and short lengths with a carved animal head design; or, pick up a country-style plaid or stripe for your casual days. The store is located at 53 New Oxford Street in the Hazelwood House.

In old Oxford Street, you’ll want to explore the accessories department at Selfridges. As one of London’s leading department stores, this shopping venue is more like an exhibition hall. Stake out your favorite Burberry collection, complete with matching tote and jacket, if you must. Selfridges is a great spot to find the classic Burberry print in wide range of accessories.

You can also head over to the London College of Fashion for a unique umbrella or two; the Cordwainers store is run by professional staff to showcase the latest designs from the students. You’ll find shoes and accessories including a selection of custom-made umbrellas here. Start a trend and pick up something designed exclusively from the world’s fashion capital.

Make your way to Knightsbridge for an exploration of epic proportions at Harrods. The umbrella counter awaits with a large collection of Europe’s finest. Handcrafted, unique pieces are stored behind a glass counter just waiting for your approval. The Harrods experts can guide you to the perfect match for your taste and personality, but be prepared for your experience with plenty of credit cards in hand.

The London umbrella (a.k.a. ‘brolly’) is a necessary accessory as you travel through Europe. Make a stop at any of these department stores and designer boutiques to kick off your collection!