Project Runway Season 6 Premiere: Meet the Designers

Project Runway season 6 premiered on Lifetime last night with sixteen new designers vying for the coveted opportunity of “launching their careers in fashion.” Judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, host Heidi Klum, and Chief Creative Officer Tim Gunn returned to share their knowledge, expertise and guidance with the contestants.

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles is the home for Project Runway season 6 which started off the first week with a Red Carpet Challenge. The designers were asked to create fashion that spoke of true innovation and showcased their creative abilities. With two days and $200 they were sent off to Mood to find the material that would compliment their red carpet sketches.

After thirty minutes of complete chaos, the Project Runway wannabes were sent to prepare for the first challenge. Johnny Sakalis of West Hollywood was the first to give way to the mounting pressure. The designer became very indecisive, losing confidence in his original idea. He stated that he felt completely lost and emotional, but after a prep talk from Tim telling him to “let it go” Johnny overcame his anxieties and got back to work.

Mitchell Hall also faltered with his Victorian piece when he created a dress that did not fit the measurements of his model. Deciding that he had to rework everything and much to his model’s surprise Mitchell commented “change of plans, I am stitching you into this dress.”

Ari’s ‘out of this world’ creation baffled Tim, in exasperation he said “forgive me but I’m worried this is going to look like a halter diaper.”

Project Runway Season 6 Premiere: The Runway Show

The Models of the Runway (which by the way is the name of the spinoff reality series that gives a behind the scenes perspective of the Project Runway models) were sent to the Garnier hair studio and L’Oreal Paris makeup room to get the ‘look’ envisioned by their designing counterparts. The girls then strutted down the runway as if their lives depended on it, making even the most jaw-dropping design look as though it was a must-have.

Project Runway Season 6 Premiere: Judges Review

Shirin, Epperson, Gordana, Carol, Logan, Althea, Nicolas, Irina, Melvin and Louise scores secured their spots for the next challenge and were therefore sent off stage. However the six remaining designers were more anxious than ever to find out who made it to the top three and who the unlucky bottom three was.

The Top Three

Christopher’s VMA inspired dress was “hip, young, cute and edgy.” Its “dark romantic attitude” was enough to send him to the forefront as the challenge winner.

Raymond sent his model to the Academy Awards in a “chic, well-made, respectable dress.” Guest judge Lindsay Lohan said it had a “nice fall in the back.”

Johnny’s movie premiere dress was “fairly seductive, something wonderful and easy” the dress was said to be interesting but a more subtle color was needed instead of the hot red that was chosen.

The Bottom Three

Unfortunately Qristyls’ Emmy dress did not save her from being in the bottom the bottom three for the red carpet challenge. The dress was beautiful in the back but the front was a mess.

Mitchell ended up sending his model on the runway in a completely sheer and unwearable dress that was also critiqued as a “likeable attitude” “kinda cool nightgown” “can be seen in the house but not on the red carpet”

Aris’ VMA model “looked like a disco soccer ball.” The design was said to be a little out there. Lindsay Lohan said “make all you want but make sure someone’s gonna buy it, you do not want to end up on the worst dress list.”

With her “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out” speech Project Runways’ Heidi sent Ari packing.